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Ultratainment promotes your business, brings new customers with no cost and no hassles!

The Bigger

Added Merchant Benefits

Once merchants have accumulated Ultratainment gift certificates, these can be used in multiple ways to offset your overhead expenses. Most of our merchants use Ultratainment gift certificates to purchase advertising, restaurant equipment, cleaning services, or just about anything you would normally cut a check for. If preferred, we will exchange used certificates for new ones so that they can be shared with employees or family. Or, bank these credits and save up for something big. If nothing else, Ultratainment will buy them back. These gift certificates represent earned value and each merchant chooses how they will use them.

What our Partners say

“When our company recognizes the merits of an individual or group of individuals, we reward them right on the spot, in front of everyone. Ultratainment makes this easy for us to do and we appreciate working with them.”
- Scottsdale Princess Resort

Ultratainment delivers the right customers in just the right doses. They’ve introduced new customers to Stockyards and that’s been a good experience.  We’ve been with Ultratainment for years, they’re the real deal .”

- Stockyards Restaurant