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Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers many of the most common questions you might have. If this page doesn’t answer your questions, you can always visit our Contact Us page

What are Ultratainment Cheques?

Ultratainment Gift Cheques (Gift Certificates) are the #1 requested award that clients and employees want most.  Its the only, universal gift certificate that can be purchased at 15% to 30% discount and is accepted at hundreds of restaurant, service or entertainment locations across Arizona.  No expiration dates or blackout dates…  All of this has made us #1

Where can I use Ultratainment Cheques?

Now that you have Ultratainment Cheques, visit our website at and choose where you wish to spend your cheques. Ultratainment has the perfect dining experience to fit your mood, your time and your taste. We have everything from luxury dining to drive through take out, there is something for everyone.  Ultratainment is Grab N’ Go ready, 24/7/365 days a year at your favorite places.

What are the Ultratainment Terms and Conditions?

Sales tax and gratuity must be paid with cash or major credit card. Not redeemable for cash. No change given. Not valid with other promotions. Good anytime for parties of one to five. Parties of six or more must pay half their check with cash or a major credit card.

How can I get or buy Ultratainment Cheques?

Ultratainment specializes in working with corporations and their employee recognition and rewards programs, but also… We work with churches, schools and other membership based organizations to help raise money. Ultratainment is the perfect gift that everyone can find a use for…  And it’s the number one requested award that is asked for by name.   “Ultratainment” — Please tell your company about us and ask them to call for more information. .


  • Ultratainment Checks are $10 increments only, sold to corporations for 15%- 30% discount.
  • There are no expiration dates
  • Use Ultratainment Cheques just like you would cash at hundreds of local restaurants, services and entertainment establishments here in Arizona.. See for a list of options where Ultratainment Cheques are accepted.
  • Employees love the flexibility of Ultratainment Cheques and the choice to use them when and where they wish
  • Corporations love them because it saves them up to 30% on costs.
  • Ultratainment gift certificates are the perfect gift/incentive/reward that fits everyone’s wish list…  Its a one-size fits all option that everyone can use.  Plus, with no expiration date, you can keep Ultratainment on site to use all year round for instant recognition, gift giving, or for sale at your company store.
I want to become an Ultratainment merchant at my restaurant or establishment, what do I do?

Give us a call at the Ultratainment office 480-998-8880 and we will come visit you in person. It’s really easy, there is no cost to you and we can begin immediately.  We can get your business profile online ASAP and new customers in the door right away.  Our corporate consumers are always looking for new places to tr and we will promote your business to our customers online, inside our book of Ultratainment vendors and internally within corporations.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and drive new customers to your business.  Don’t wait, you’ll be missing out on collecting your unfair share of the revenue that is changing hands every day.

As an Ultratainment Merchant, what can I do with the Ultratainment Cheques I take in every month?

Ultratainment has value and we can help you use them to purchase things that your business normally pays cash for anyway…  With Ultratainment Cheques, you can purchase Advertising, restaurant equipment, painting, pest control, logo merchandise, cleaning services, you name it.

Many choose to use them as gifts for family and friends, or as spiffs for their employees.  So, you can do that too. Or, if there is nothing else, Ultratainment will give you $5 cash back for each certificate. Simple, fast, and beneficial.