What is  Ultratainment?

Ultratainment is high quality, professional-grade, universal  “Gift Certificate” that is good at hundreds of restaurants, entertainment venues and service establishments (our merchants).  We promote or merchants to Arizona corporations through our exclusive Ultratainment gift cheque program, our book of lists and our website.

Rewards, Fundraising And Multiple Choice…

We work hard to formulate partnerships, create value, and bring high-value consumers together with our merchant partners.

Corporations buy Ultratainment gift cheques because it’s the perfect recognition and reward incentive for employees and, its the only universal gift certificate that offers the recipient the choice of where to spend that gift.  When Corporations use Ultratainment Gift Cheques, it saves them up to 30% on dining and restaurant costs.

Churches, Scouts/PTO/Athletic and other membership based organizations buy Ultratainment gift cheques because its the perfect tool to raise up to 30% with no loss guarantee.  With nearly two hundred restaurants, services and entertainment choices, Ultratainment is a welcomed gift that everyone can use.

Restaurants love accepting Ultratainment because it brings them new customers that they cannot get through traditional advertising means.  Ultratainment is free to join, the results are measurable, increased cash flow and it cost them nothing to bring that new customer through their door.  Plus, restaurants can then spend 100% of the Ultratainment’s they take in for just about anything, or they can use them as VIP gifts, employee recognition, etc.

Everyone wins with Ultratainment. – And that is how we have become the most valued gift certificate in Arizona.

Ultratainment has built a sterling reputation serving Arizona since 1991.  Trust, service, value and performance has been the recipe for our success and we’ll continue building that reputation with each new partnership moving forward.

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